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Immediate Response During An Emergency

Does your Ohio nursing home or healthcare facility have an alert integration system? This system integrates all your life safety systems—fire alarms, security alarms, CCTV, etc.—so that you will be notified immediately of any issues happening in your facility. With alert integration, you can choose to self-monitor or you can choose professional safety system monitoring from Alta Protection Services.

Your Life Safety Partner

Get the life safety solutions you need from Alta Protection Services.


We understand the importance of safety for your facility, employees and anyone under your care. That’s why we provide safety system monitoring to ensure you are notified of any emergencies and contacting emergency response teams for you. Although we specialize in senior living communities and healthcare facilities, our clients also include schools, hotels and manufacturing facilites all across the state of Ohio.

How Does It Work?

These systems send highly encrypted messages to our monitoring staff through a variety of methods. These messages are triggered by alarms such as:

  • Fire Safety Monitoring

  • Sprinkler Activation

  • Suppression System Activation

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Alarm Tampering/Malfunctions

  • Unauthorized Entry/Exit

  • Break-Ins

  • Panic Button Activation

Methods of communication include:

  • Internet Dialers to communicate through cellular or IP (or a mix of both) through high encryption Ethernet.

  • Landline Dialers connect through your dedicated phone line for life safety monitoring.

Our highly trained technicians will discuss with you the details of both types, and help you choose the best option for your facility’s needs.

Call Alta For Life Safety Solutions You Can Trust

Are you ready for your safety system monitoring problems to be solved? You can rely on Alta Protection Services for consistent and complete care. We’re here to take care of your Ohio facility’s safety so that you can focus on your business.

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