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Stopping Kitchen Fires Before They Start

The kitchen is one of the most likely places for a fire to start in your facility. The fires that come from high-temperature cooking equipment and oils can’t be put out with a bit of water. This is why having a kitchen hood fire suppression system is imperative to get control of a kitchen fire before it becomes a runaway disaster.

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What is a Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System?

A kitchen fire suppression system combines fire detection and grease-fire suppression chemicals in the same system, so it can douse a cooking fire the instant it starts. It fits into your existing kitchen hood, covering your most likely culprits such as fryers, griddles and broilers.

How Does It Work?

Imagine it’s meal time and your kitchen staff is working on overdrive trying to prepare the food and make sure your patients and clients receive the highest standard of food service. A fire can start from the simplest of things, such as:

  • Kitchen staff having an accident.

  • Grease build-up in the kitchen.

  • Flammable materials, such as cooking oils, catching fire.

A kitchen hood fire suppression system that is well-maintained will first detect the fire. This will then trigger the system to release the fire suppression chemicals, putting out the flames. The system saves your business from costly property damage and potentially even saves lives.

At Alta Protection Services, we not only install new fire suppression systems for your kitchen, we also service, certify and inspect them. Our services include:

  • Semi-annual inspections, required by local authorities and most insurance companies.

  • Testing for any malfunctions or potential issues with the system.

  • Maintenance for any problems your system is currently having.

  • Identifying conditions on-site that may negatively impact the system’s performance.

  • Installing the hood suppression system that works best in your kitchen.

We make sure your kitchen fire suppression system is up to regulation and ready to keep your kitchen safe.

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When you need a reliable kitchen hood fire suppression system, Alta Protection Services will take care of your needs. Our highly trained technicians will provide you with an optimized system that meets safety codes. Ready to put your mind at ease about your kitchen? Call us today to get started.

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