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Serving All Your Fire Extinguisher Needs

Fire extinguishers are your first line of defense against a sudden fire. It helps you stop small fires before they can become a catastrophe. At Alta Protection Services, we offer a wide selection of fire extinguishers and help install them in the most strategic locations for your facility. We also service and inspect them. Our top priority is keeping you, your property and your employees and residents safe in the case of a fire.

Your Life Safety Partner

Get the life safety solutions you need from Alta Protection Services.


What to Buy

Our certified technicians will work with you to determine your fire extinguisher needs. We have what you need to stay safe and up to code, whether a standard ABC fire extinguisher or a K-Guard kitchen class extinguisher. We have traditional models, as well as ones that are a little more high-tech and electronically check themselves for pressure and obstructions. Our wide selection of extinguisher types means you will be fitted with the right fire extinguisher for your facility.

When buying new fire extinguishers, we will work with you to determine what size you need, how many your property needs for full coverage and their optimal placement. Our team will make sure you meet national and local code for:

  • Distance

  • Quantity

  • Size

Maintenance & Inspections

Do you know how often to schedule maintenance and inspections? Our technicians are highly trained to meet all regular inspection and maintenance needs.

  • Annual Inspections

  • 6-Year Maintenance

  • 5-Year & 12-Year Hydrostatic Tests

Our technicians will report any need for additional maintenance and report on the status of each fire extinguisher. We make sure your fire extinguishers are ready when you need them.

Call Alta For Life Safety Solutions You Can Trust

Whether you operate a hospital, school, bank or senior apartments, you don’t want to have to worry about whether your fire safety systems are up to code and able to protect you. As your life safety partner, our goal is to solve these problems before they become problems. For the best fire extinguisher technicians in Ohio, rely on Alta Protection Services.

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