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Your fire alarms going off quicker means a quicker reaction to the threat of fire. With fire, time is of the essence. It takes a short amount of time to put out a small fire, but it also takes a short amount of time for a small fire to grow out of control. Unfortunately, the only real way to know your alarms are functioning properly is to have them tested. Make sure you and your staff are reacting as quickly as possible with well-maintained fire alarms.

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What We Do

At Alta Protection Services, our staff of technicians are trained for quality servicing and prime placement for installation of fire alarm systems. They are trained to comply with all NFPA, OSHA, insurance provider, city and state fire code guidelines. Our fire alarm services include:

  • Design and installation of the fire alarm system.

  • Inspections.

  • Testing.

  • Maintenance.

  • Repairs.

All fire alarms provide you with the benefit of time: the sooner you and your team are aware of the fire the quicker the reaction, leading to greater safety for your people and property. As technology advances, your options for greater connectivity and control advances as well.

Modern fire alarm systems can instantly alert the local fire department and can be integrated with your existing security system. This allows you to have peace of mind no matter where you are.

Whether it’s making sure your fire alarms are properly set up or making sure they continue to work properly and meet safety codes, Alta will meet your needs. We ensure your fire alarms are operating at their best so that you get the peace of mind you deserve.

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Whether you looking to install a new fire alarm system or need your current alarms inspected or maintained, we do it all here at Alta Protection Services. We are here to meet your safety needs. We take care of your building’s safety, so you can focus on your business, worry free.

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