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Looking to install a video surveillance system in your healthcare facility, senior living community or other property? Does your current system need maintenance? We specialize in closed circuit television systems (CCTV) for properties all over Ohio.

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Get the life safety solutions you need from Alta Protection Services.


Why Is CCTV Important?

We’ve worked closely with our clients to enhance the safety of their facilities for many years, and we’ve found that installing and maintaining a video surveillance system is one of the most effective security measures you can take for your property.

Benefits of having CCTV in your facility include:

  • Reduce criminal activity.

  • Enhance safety practices.

  • Increase peace of mind.

Video surveillance allows you to record suspicious activity, deter theft and vandalism, monitor for unwanted visitors and motivate staff to meet their greatest potential. It reduces stress from theft, property destruction and insurance claims. With our CCTV solutions, you can monitor your Ohio facility from wherever you are.

Other benefits include:

  • Having video records of all activity, including of the time, place and date.

  • Discounts on insurance premiums from many insurance companies.

What Types Of CCTV Are Available For Your Facility?

Video surveillance can be set up in a variety of ways. Some of the most common we work with include:

  • Integrated Video Access Systems

  • Time Lapse Recorders

  • Digital Recorders

  • Remote Viewing Systems

We install, repair and service cameras, mounts, enclosures, switches, splitters and multiplexers; all the major components of a CCTV system.

Call Alta For Life Safety Solutions You Can Trust

Why Alta Protection Services?

Our company services the entire state of Ohio; we specialize in healthcare and senior living facilities, and also serve hotels, schools, warehouses and any other property you can think of. Whether you have one location or several, you can be at ease knowing you will have our consistent, attentive care for your video surveillance system.

It’s our job to provide excellent life safety solutions to your facility, so you can focus on your patients and clients. Whether you are ready for your CCTV system to be serviced or installed, contact our professional team for service you can rely on. Call us today at 419-994-5090

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