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Alta Protection Services — When Life Safety & Security Matter


Healthcare Security Solutions You Can Count On

Healthcare and senior care providers all over Ohio know that their patients and residents are a uniquely vulnerable population. Senior citizens are unfortunately a common target for theft and abuse. That’s why it’s important that your facilities are equipped with the healthcare security solutions necessary to keep the people in your care safe.

Alta Protection Services provides life safety and healthcare security solutions designed to meet the unique needs of hospitals, clinics, senior living communities and hospice care facilities. We provide custom cabling and automation solutions tailored to your property’s needs— including closed circuit television systems and apartment entry systems that increase your security and peace of mind.

Your Life Safety Partner

Get the life safety solutions you need from Alta Protection Services.


CCTV Video Surveillance – Know who is moving around your property and ensure that your residents and patients aren’t targeted by thieves and vandals. CCTV systems can be set up for a single building or for a network of properties.

Apartment Entry Systems – Guarantee that only authorised persons are able to access your buildings and living spaces. These systems can be as simple or complex as is needed to ensure your residents’ safety.

Call Alta For Life Safety Solutions You Can Trust

If you want your senior living or healthcare facility to be trusted in your community, you need to ensure the safety and security of your patients and residents. Rather than pull your hair out trying to solve your healthcare security needs yourself, rely on a company with years of experience providing the very solutions you need: Alta Protection Services.

Alta Protection Services