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Keeping Your Fire Suppression System Up To Code

Have you received a notice from your local water provider? When is the last time you had your system’s backflow preventers tested? Are you looking to install a new backflow prevention system? Our team at Alta Protection Services are experts in installation, testing and maintaining backflow prevention systems.

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What is a Backflow Prevention System?

The water used in your fire suppression system is non-potable—not safe to drink—and becomes a serious pollution concern if it leaks into your local supply of drinking water.

  • Backflow devices are installed in your sprinkler system and private fire hydrants to keep the water flowing in one direction only. This helps prevent the fire suppression system’s water from flowing backward into drinking water lines.

  • The water in your sprinkler system can have microorganisms, chemicals and heavy metals in it that would be that would be unhealthy for consumption, which is why backflow prevention systems are required.

  • Backflow can occur when the here’s a malfunction with your backflow preventer or—unfortunately too common—when the supply valve wasn’t turned back on after an inspection.

This is why is it so important to hire a company you can trust, like Alta Protection Services. Our technicians are highly trained and meticulously thorough. We keep your life safety systems running smoothly, so you can focus on what you do best.

Why Does My Backflow Prevention System Need Servicing?

Your backflow prevention system needs to be tested and certified every year. They must meet national, state and local requirements. Our certified staff will make sure you meet all of these strict requirements, ensuring your sprinkler system will be working when you need it and preventing any health safety concerns for your local water supply.

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Our technicians are trained and certified to install backflow prevention systems, provide superb maintenance and perform testing to meet all code requirements. If you are ready for your backflow prevention system to be serviced, contact our professional team.

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