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Providing Access To The Right People

Your facility hosts a collection of important information and people, both of which need to be in the right hands. While it’s your business to take care of and manage both, it’s ours to help you excel at that.

Our access control systems make it possible to manage who has access to any area of your facilities, and when. We provide the solutions you need for allowing access into – and sometimes out of – your facility, supply rooms and high-security areas.

Your Life Safety Partner

Get the life safety solutions you need from Alta Protection Services.


What Is An Access Control System?

Typically, access control systems are variations of electronic, keyless locks that allow entry or exit through your doors. Depending on the level of security needed and what system works best for you, it could be a simple key card, a phone app or even a biometric reader. These access points can be further programmed for varying levels of security. For example, the door to your main entryway may be accessible to all, but the records room is programmed to only open for select staff.

Does Your Facility Need Better Access Control?

Whether you are currently using a simple lock and key method or looking to upgrade your electronic lock system, we can provide a solution to better fit your needs.

  • Easily re-program locks.

  • Control the flow of traffic in and out of rooms or the entire building.

  • Monitor access with audit trails.

  • Stand-alone access control systems or systems that integrate with your current surveillance systems, visitor entry systems and HR databases.

Call Alta For Life Safety Solutions You Can Trust

With Alta Protection Services, we can custom design an access control system to fit your specific needs. Our highly trained life safety technicians will work with you to ensure you will be able to monitor and control the traffic within a single building or over an entire campus of buildings.

Are you ready for a better access control system for your facility? Contact our professional staff for a better solution for your access needs.

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